Make Up – Art of Face – Women’s Needs


figure 1. by Rajbinder Kaur Pengertian Make Up Dan Jenisnya Secara Umum – Makeup Trick

Make up is an activity to change appearance of the originally form with some beauty tools and cosmetics. “Make up” word is commonly addressed to the changes of appearance result of the face. Although, actually all of the body can be decorated. Face decorating needs knowledge about :

Anatomy of body

Characteristic of face line and color

Gradation/color level

Colors composition

Functions of make up are perfecting object face appearance, characterizing, and adding dramatics side. There are many kinds of face make up as bellow :

Corrective Face Make Up

This make up is for changing the not perfectly make up before. Corrective make up is the common make up that people doing. So, corrective make up is always related with simple and natural make up, probably it is known as flawless make up. But it is more elegant and perfect, because this make up can correct plus or minus of our face better look.

Styling Make Up

This kind of make up is an activity of changing appearance on purpose of the pure art. Body Painting and Face Painting are some examples of styling make up.

Body Painting

figure 2. by Rajbinder Kaur

Art of painting on the skin or human body. Today, body painting is the most famous around teenagers as their hobby and the cool job. Not like tattoo, body painting is not permanent on our body. Usually, jut for few hours or a week. For the painters, body painting, body is looked as their canvas. But, most of the bodies that is used as canvas are woman body. Why? According to one of artist of body painting from Indonesia ‘I Nyoman Rediasa’ said that, “Woman body, beside has objective beauty also creates subjective beauty” (April 2005).

Face Painting

figure 3. by Rajbinder Kaur

an art of painting on the human face. Same as body painting that this activity is interesting for the teenagers.

Characteristics Make Up

Most using for acting and entertainment. Every color and cosmetics used to build certain character, example the using dark eye shadow to create bad character.

6 Reasons Why Make Up is Important for The Woman

Make up. How important is that? What is that? Are we going to be better than before because of this? Well, these questions are usually asked to women. The answer of those question is “depending on”. Depend on how your personality. Depend on the needs, moment, and also depend on because you want to be different look. If you do not worry about your appearance in socialization, probably it does not matter for not wearing make up. But, if you worry about your appearance when you meet people such as your partner, old friend, and may be your boyfriend certainly make up is the must one.

figure 4. by Rajbinder Kaur

What are the reasons for woman to wear make up?

Make up can cover the face deficiency

Lower or too flat eye brow, round face, flak on your face, the dark eye bags, ex-acne (I meant acnes’ trace), dark lips, and also chubby cheeks are the women problem everyday. All of those can be solved by make up. First step, you need to know what your less, then solve it with make up. Example, trace on face can be covered with concealer, chubby cheeks can be solved with contouring, lower eye brow can be formed with eyebrow product tools.

Make up can make you are more interesting

According to the Psychologist today, wearing eyeshadow contrast with skin color for eyes can make face instantly more beautiful. The contrast around the eye and skin is defined as a symbol of beauty. That is why smokey eyes dark intent on the eyelid, women love it so much. Today, the varieties colors of make up are present. Of course you can choose it as you like. Smartly, color mix and match, absolutely you will look different everyday. Choosing lipstick color is also one of the important key. Bright color can make your face glowing and more beautiful, otherwise dark lipstick can make you have mysterious look.

Make up can increase your confidence

As the two points above, make up will make you more interesting, more than with all of defects what be your deficiencies before, it can be solved at last. So, you can be more confidence now and your positive aura is always released from your face.

Make up can show who you really are

You shy and always be common look, but you want to show the world that you are brave? Show your self with make up! Apply the dark color eyeshadow and dark red lipstick on your lips. Even though you are still the shy, but people will look at your changes as a brave woman.

Make up can make you appear more beautiful without change what you have

Your sharp less nose, or thicker lips, you do not need to do plastic surgery or other medic action, just calm down. You just need the right and match make up so that your deficiencies will be your advantages. With make up, sure it marks that you have accepted yourself with all of the deficiencies and the advantages, but a little fixing the present is not be a matter, right? Make up does not change your real face, right?

Make up shows your serious in a formal event

Especially, you who work or present in a event, using make up become the thing you have to do. This need to be done so that you will be looked fresher at work or presenting an event. If you are going to work, then the appearance of employee candidate who apply natural make up and who does not apply anything have different judgement. Woman who can apply the matching make up will shows her professionality, moreover if you will work in a place where give priority on good appearance.

Arts of Make Up


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Learn How to Make Hand Lettering – Art of Lettering for Beginners

People say that their hand writing is bad. But, not their hand lettering. Take mine for the example. My hand writing was good enough, but no anymore. I was inspired by a posting in facebook like greeting for someone who has a special event. I was interested to try it, even I knew that my hand writing is bad. Probably I could find another skill. If you want to try hand lettering, let’s check this out.

Hand lettering become one of the simple way to communication and inform some information in the form of infinite art. Art, how to explore 26 letters consistently to be something beautiful visually looked. From our past, we had practiced hand lettering. Knowing letter one by one and wrote it down on the paper. From those simple forms were to be fundamental how to learn more complex hand lettering art. But, of course when you learn it, may be online, workshop, friends or books, that can be the basic for more explorations. You can find your own style that may be different with the way you have learn.

Lettering is different with typography. Easy explanation, lettering is art of drawing letter and typography is art of arranging letter, first of all on printing field or publication.

figure 1. by

First of all, you will need :

  • Ruller, for making plots and grids, before you start to sketch.
  • Paper, there are three types of paper that usually use for hand lettering, which are :

Plain Printer Paper : you can use this for informal projects. Such as planning or basic idea.

Bristol board : this type is comfortable for framing because it is thicker than plain paper.

figure 2. source :

Grid paper : it is match for you if you want to do the finishing process of hand lettering via computer.

  • Pencil and pens

Beginner : usually use 2 pencils or standard pens

Intermediate : usually use Pigma Microns and Prismacolor Premiers.

Expert : Dip pens that have to take care extremely but the result is maximum for the professionals.

After that, follow the following steps :


Hand lettering has many purposes. So, first of all you have to determine why you do hand lettering. Then, choose what message you want to send trough your hand lettering. Determining theme helps you to choose what font and decoration you will use.

figure 3. source


First, imagine what object you want to draw. For practice, you can use rectangle shape. But for expert, you can experience with any shapes. Create the baseline where you are typing on it, then draw horizontal line to limit your font size.

figure 4. measuring letter


Create outline sketch for each letter for getting information about the font size you are drawing, after that block the outline you have sketched. Or you can use a “graphite transfer” trick, which is transfer the drawing by shading. The basic method, shading the drawing face with pencil so that we get simple image as we want. After finish the base image, sharper for getting full shading image.

figure 5. sketching your drawing

Ink coloring

Thicker the letter’s outline with ink, then block the empty space with pen. Avoiding the pencil’s scratch marks, put a piece of tissue or plastic paper on the side where you are doing, so you do not have to worry about fouling other side. After covered with ink, let it really dry. If you use Bristol Board, do not use correction liquid for perfecting letters because this paper is not pure white so it will make different color with the paper.

figure 6. coloring the base image


If your paper is too large for scanning, using photoshop, you can do multiple scan with different part and automatically will sum all of pieces become a complete image.

figure 7. scanning via computer

Here are my hand lettering,


So, show me yours… :))


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Mirai e – 未来へ – Due to Future

ほら、 あしもと を みて ごらん (hora, ashimoto o mite goran)

come on, look at your foot steps

これ が あなた の あゆむ みち (kore ga anata no ayumu michi)

that is your life way

ほら、 まえ も みて ごらん (hora, mae mo mite goran)

come on, look at to the front

あれ が あなた の みらい (are ga anata no mirai)

there your future

はは が くれた たくさん の やさしさ (haha ga kureta takusan no yasashisa)

that’s how much mother’s love

あい を いだいて あゆめと ふりかえした (ai o idaite ayumuto furikaeshita)

with your love I see the life coil

あの とき は まだ おさなくて いみなど しらない (ano toki wa mada osanakute iminado shiranai)

that’s when I am too young to understand

そんな わたし の て を にぎり いしょに あゆんで きた (sonna watashi no te o nigiri ishoni ayunde kita)

mother always guide me through the future

ゆめ は いつも そら たかく ある から (yume wa itsumo sora takaku aru kara)

ambition is high that’s sky high

とどかなくて こわいね だけど おいすずけるの (todokanakute kowaine dakedo oisuzukeruno)

if failing that’s poorly, but don’t stop to hope

じぶん の ストリ だから こそ あきら めたくない (jibun no story dakara koso akira metakunai)

fix your step and future, but don’t be down

ふあん に なる と て を にぎり いしょに あゆんできた (fuan ni naru to te o nigiri ishoni ayundekita)

don’t worry and don’t be scare, mother’s pray always be with you

その やさしさ を ときには いやがり (sono yasashisa o tokiniwa iyagari)

I didn’t realize mother’s love before

はなれた はは へ すな を に なれず (hanareta haha he suna o ni narezu)

now, after separated away, I just realized

ほら、 あしもと を みて ごらん (hora, ashimoto o mite goran)

come on, look at your step

これ が あなた の あゆむ みち (kore ga anata no ayumu michi)

that is your life way

ほら、 まえ も みて ごらん (hora, mae mo mite goran)

come on, look at to the front

あれ が あなた の みらい (are ga anata no mirai)

there your future

その やさしさ を ときには いやがり (sono yasashisa o tokiniwa iyagari)

I didn’t realize mother’s love before

はなれた はは へ すな を に なれず (hanareta haha he suna o ni narezu)

now, after separated away, I just realized

ほら、 あしもと を みて ごらん (hora, ashimoto o mite goran)

come on, look at your step

これ が あなた の あゆむ みち (kore ga anata no ayumu michi)

that is your life way

ほら、 まえ も みて ごらん (hora, mae mo mite goran)

come on, look at to the front

あれ が あなた の みらい (are ga anata no mirai)

there your future

みらい へ むかって ゆっくり と あるいて ゆこう (mirai he mukatte yukkuri to aruite yukuu)

slowly but certainly, pick your future up certainly


“Suntiang” (Crown) in Minangkabau

figure 1. goldess and silveress “suntiang kambang”

“Suntiang” is most likely a crown of bride in her wedding in Traditional Wedding of Minangkabau. The big crown, that goldess or silveress color, makes wedding party in Minangkabau is different than other, beside the bride clothes is “baju kurung” and “sarung balapak”. Actually, there are many kind of this crowns or “suntiang”. Like fig 1, for instance, one of them named “suntiang kambang” from Padang Pariaman. The other “suntiang”, those are “suntiang pisang saparak” from Solok Salayo, that’s built without wires; “suntiang pinang bararak” from Koto nan Godang Payakumbuah; “suntiang Mangkuto” from Sungayang (Tanah Datar); “sutiang kipeh” from Kurai Limo Jorong (Bukittinggi); “suntiang Sariantan” from Padang Panjang (where i’m from, Tanah Datar), that has crown; “suntiang Matua Palambaian”, etc.


figure 2. some kind of “suntiang” and “tingkuluak”

Beside “suntiang”, there are different forms of bride crown, named “tikuluak”. Some kind of “tikuluak”, “tikuluak tanduak” and “tikuluak talakuang”, like fig 2. In this below, I will discuss about the facts of “suntiang”.

“Suntiang Gadang” (big size) has 7 levels or over 11 levels, while “Suntiang Ketek” (small size) has 3 – 5 levels. “Suntiang” is contained with some decorations, from the lowest level contains with some “sarunai” flowers form 3-5 layers; next level contains with some “big” flowers form 3-5 layers; and for the highest level contains with “kambang goyang” (such thing of flower) as the complement of “suntiang”. And something was hanging beside the bride’s cheek is named “kote-kote”. The weigth of “suntiang” is over 3.5kg – 5kg, and the bride has to wears it almost 2 hours or along day.

But now, “suntiang” has modified in order to make easy for the bride. It’s like a ban, so the bride can wears it easily. Because of the glamour, elegant, and unique crown (“suntiang”) make every women in Minangkabau feels like a “Universe Queen” along day, in the wedding day.

figure 3. front and back look


“A Little Thing Called Love” – My Version

When I watch a thai movie, “A Little Thing Called Love”. I remember to back, when I was in school. I did every freaky making someone I felt in love to be interested at me. It’s started when I was in the middle school, when I grown up be a teenager.

Someone amazeballs who made me interested, he made me to be not me before. But he was a gangster, not too smart, and loved doing ekskuls (curriculars). He was great at playing basket ball, amazing with his band as a bassis.

In other hand, there was me. A new student, the fatty girl, so ugly, short, and bullied since I was in the elementary school, until I entered this school. Everyone in my new classroom bullied me, “fatty (gapuak)”, since I entered the classroom for the first time. I didn’t through the days without bullied. Even though, I had best friends who always beside me. Then one day, I saw an amazeballs boy.

Amazeballs boy

Every day I tried to see him with many excuses that caused me meet him. When I knew he was in basket ball team and a member of one of band in school, I tried to be member of basket ball team. I also did fast while we practiced for basket ball match. I did it whole mount, and it worked. I was a fatty girl became a thiny girl.

After that, I learned how to play bass. I asked him to teach me, borrowed his guitar, and I also rented a studio band to learn it, but I couldn’t. One day, when his birthday, I asked him what present he wants. I gave it to him. In the basket ball team, I had some best friends who always beside me. Until I left the middle school I tried to be like other girls, to be more cute, thin, and beautiful, just for him. I was thin, but sick. I feel like a fool.


After that, I went in to one of best high school. And I considered that I have to forget him, because I am a high school student in one of the best high school. So, I had to focus with my future that may be better. My mother tried her best to cure me. She did anything to cure me.

Undergoing the high school life, being acquainted with the seniors made me forget the love in the middle school. But it was recured in high school, I fell in love with my senior. Oh my God, why was it repeat again? More rejected, been strongger the feeling. Another amazeballs boy and smart, but he have had a girlfriend. He was active in organizations, in marching band in high school.


I tried my best to be a member of merching band like him, and I did it. I could se him every day in the marching band pratices. I wanted to be active in organization too, but there was a nepotism if I want it. Finally, I gave up. I just could see him, even though his classroom faraway from mine. 16-08-08-05-15-18-629_photo

I went to canteen II, just because I wanted to see him. For one year and half, I have saved my feeling. And then, I gave up too. I tought, I am not match with him, he had someone who much better than me. What was I supposed to do? I just gave up, I turned my mind to achieve going to a college that I wanted so bad. I was sure that I could get more than him.

Real life isn’t perfect as in the movie, no happy ending for me.

“Talempong” – Traditional Musical Instrument of Minangkabau


Talempong is one of musical instrument from Minangkabau. It’s almost like bonang instrument in gamelan instrument. It can be formed from the brass, but also from woods and rocks. Talempong is looked like circle with diameter 15-17.5 cms, the side below making a hole and the upper making a circle bulge with diameter five cms which is the side you hit. Talempong has different pitch each other. Its sound is from a couple of woods that is hit to its face.

1. How to play “Talempong”

  • Talempongs are put on a stand, that are composed neatly then it can be played while we kneeling on the floor mat. This kinf of talempong is called as sitting talempong (talempong duduk).In the ancient time, this talempong always existed in every “Rumah Gadang” (traditional house of Minangkabau, West Sumatera) that was played by the girls for filling leisure. However, today this talempong is found rarely. This talempong is only exist around borderland like Talang Maun and Lima Puluh Kota District.
  • The second way is called as “talempong pacik” (handful talempong) that is played while hanging it on your tumb. This talempong can be played while sitting down, standing up, or walking. Usually, who play this talempong is the old mans or the young mans. This talempong’s music is a kind of ensemble talempong. Then it has to be played by a group. This group has an effect for the interlocking among the instrument in the ensemble.

Genre of the “talempong pacik” features rithm performance due to a output the form short melodies that always evolve, followed by many other instruments in rithm function like “gandang” and “rapa’i” (single headed frame drum) and brass instruments, “pupuik gadang”, that function as melodies. “Pupuik gadang” or “pupuik liolo” thet has multiple-reed is also considered not too important in the composision of “talempong pacik”; its musical function is not related directly with the interlocking aspects.

Relatively, “talempong pacik” is often considered from the names of the song, but not rarely we can find the same basic of the song between repertoar of “talempong pacik” of one region and another region, while the name and the title of thesong are different. The otherwise, the name and the title of the song are same, while the composision is different, it’s just the same. It happen, because of the artist rule who gived the tradition. In the development process, there is cross of inheritance. For example, the heir gived it to the artist of another region. Sometime, the artists do not know the name of the song, they just know the composision of the music. But because of something, they have to name the music on the order from the current side and the name of the song can be same.

“Gendang” has not the same function in an ensemble of “talempong pacik”. The general differences seem in the rhythm tone of “gendang” with the “talempong” has. Many other group use the “gandang” to confirm interlocking of “talempong’s” performance, while in another group it just for tempo arranger and give accent in a form of constant rhythm.

Like other instrument traditional music of Minangkabau, “talempong pacik” is performed in a custom event. For example in a wedding resepsion and other custom resepsions. For conserving it, usually organized a competition of “talempong pacik” in province level. In Minangkabau, “talempong” musical keep survive as ancestor’s heritage purely. The title of the song was taken from people livelihoods. As a tradisional art, “talempong” has two gamuts that are notated, are 5-6-1-2-3 and 1-2-3-4-5.

As functionally, “talempong” is consisted from a few kind of it :

  • “Talempong duduk” (sitting talempong)

Put on a stand which 14 number of pencons, lined two rows.


  • “Talempong Pacik” (holding talempong)

Held by the left hand, while the right hand hit it.

Mens playing “talempong pacik”
  • “Talempong Garetek” (trembling talempong)

For melody.

  • “Talempong Tingkah”

For rhythm.

  • “Talempong Sawut”

For the main tones.

  • “Talempong Batu” (stone talempong)

Those are 6,that arranged neatly on a pad made from bamboo. On each of it, there is a picture of foot, the color is black sallow as a metal that would hit, it will release aloud sound like “talempong” made from metal.

Base on the public story, this “talempong” was found by Syeikh Syamsudin, a theologian. Estimated time was about 12M century, when he dreamed approached by a man in the white cloack, with long beard, and wear turban. The old man in that dream told him that many straggle things in the forest that is overgrown by chamfer and enau leaf. That things could give some good use for children and grandchildren if it is be gathered.

There is a magic in that stone, is before played, it has to be smoked with white incense. If not, then that stone will not make aloud sound like “talempong” but like the sound of hit rock. It will be worse if the hitter does not believe about the mitos, people say he will be cursed.

Source : Minagkabausiana. “Talempong”.

“Origami”, the Ancient Art of Japanese Folding Paper

The Japanese word “Origami” itself is a compound of two smaller Japanese words: “ori” (root verb “oru”), meaning to fold, and “kami”, meaning paper. Until recently, not all forms of paper folding were grouped under the word origami. Before that, paperfolding for play was known by a variety of names, including “orikata”, “orisue”, “orimono”, “tatamigami” and others. Exactly why “origami” became the common name is not known; it has been suggested that the word was adopted in the kindergartens because the written characters were easier for young children to write. Another theory is that the word “origami” was a direct translation of the German word “Papierfalten”, brought into Japan with the Kindergarten Movement around 1880.

Japanese origami began sometime after Buddhist monks carried paper to Japan during the 6th century. The first Japanese origami is dated from this period and was used for religious ceremonial purposes only, due to the high price of paper.

A reference in a poem by Ihara Saikaku from 1680, which describes the origami butterflies used during Shinto weddings to represent the bride and groom.Samurai warriors are known to have exchanged gifts adorned with noshi, a sort of good luck token made of folded strips of paper, which indicates that origami had become a significant aspect of Japanese ceremony by the Heian period (794–1185).

In 1797 the first known origami book was published in Japan: Senbazuru orikata. There are several origami stories in Japanese culture, such as a story of Abe no Seimei making a paper bird and turning it into a real one.

The earliest evidence of paperfolding in Europe is a picture of a small paper boat in Tractatus de sphaera mundi from 1490. There is also evidence of a cut and folded paper box from 1440. It is possible that paperfolding in the west originated with the Moors much earlier; however, it is not known if it was independently discovered or knowledge of origami came along the silk route.

The modern growth of interest in origami dates to the design in 1954 by Akira Yoshizawa of a notation to indicate how to fold origami models. The Yoshizawa-Randlett system is now used internationally. Today the popularity of origami has given rise to origami societies such as the British Origami Society and OrigamiUSA. The first known origami social group was founded in Zaragoza, Spain, during the 1940s.

The Chinese word for paperfolding is “Zhe Zhi” (摺紙), and some Chinese contend that origami is a historical derivative of Chinese paperfolding.

2. Interesting Origami Facts

Origami is a kind of art that you can trace in 500 AD. This popular art is included as part of Japanese and Chinese culture. This paper folding hypnotizes all people in the world. There are hundreds of shapes that you can create from the folding paper. Check the following post for detail info about origami:

Origami Facts 1: the origin

Let’s find out the origin of Origami. It came from Japan, not China. But Chinese people influenced al lot of the concept of paper folding. You have to know that paper was invented from China for the first time.


Origami Facts 2: Who brought origami to Japan?

The Buddhist monks introduced the origami art to Japan. The credit for the birthplace of origami was taken by Japanese people. But you can find many parts of oriental countries such as China like to do origami. This art is very popular among kids and adults. Check Japanese culture facts here.


Origami Facts 3: the largest origami

Many people think that origami must involve with small paper. It is not true. In 1999, the largest crane from paper was created. It was made inside a football stadium with the weight of 1,750 pounds and height of 215 feet.

Origami Facts 4: Akira Naito

Akira Naito was a Japanese person who created the smallest crane paper. He folded a 0.1-by-0.1-mm square of paper to make this crane paper. It is not easy to do it because Akira had to use a pair of tweezers and a microscope.


Origami Facts 5: 50th anniversary of Hiroshima

There were 25,000 paper cranes created during the 50th anniversary of Hiroshima bombing in Japan. It broke the record as the largest number of origami cranes ever made. People placed the origami cranes on the memorial place of the city.

Origami Facts 6: the oldest origami illustration design

The oldest origami illustration design was traced back in 1490. Johannes di Sacrobesco created the illustration in Venice. He illustrated paper boats floating on water.


Origami Facts 7: Christian Dior

Christian Dior was inspired by origami when he created his 2007 Haute Couture collection. Actually this art has inspired a lot of sectors such as fashion, architecture and food. If you visit Japan, you can find a lot of buildings created based on origami style.

Origami Facts 8: popularity

The art of origami also influenced the people in Spain. The moors brought the art in 1100 AD to Spain. But the Spanish people did not use it as an art. They used the origami to understand the geometrical and mathematical concepts.


Origami Facts 9: paper

The popular belief states that origami is created from paper. Actually you can have it made from foil, food, or even coarse cloth.

Origami Facts 10: books and museums

If you want to know the collection of origami masterpieces, you can check them on the museums and books in America and Japan.


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