“A Little Thing Called Love” – My Version

When I watch a thai movie, “A Little Thing Called Love”. I remember to back, when I was in school. I did every freaky making someone I felt in love to be interested at me. It’s started when I was in the middle school, when I grown up be a teenager.

Someone amazeballs who made me interested, he made me to be not me before. But he was a gangster, not too smart, and loved doing ekskuls (curriculars). He was great at playing basket ball, amazing with his band as a bassis.

In other hand, there was me. A new student, the fatty girl, so ugly, short, and bullied since I was in the elementary school, until I entered this school. Everyone in my new classroom bullied me, “fatty (gapuak)”, since I entered the classroom for the first time. I didn’t through the days without bullied. Even though, I had best friends who always beside me. Then one day, I saw an amazeballs boy.

Amazeballs boy

Every day I tried to see him with many excuses that caused me meet him. When I knew he was in basket ball team and a member of one of band in school, I tried to be member of basket ball team. I also did fast while we practiced for basket ball match. I did it whole mount, and it worked. I was a fatty girl became a thiny girl.

After that, I learned how to play bass. I asked him to teach me, borrowed his guitar, and I also rented a studio band to learn it, but I couldn’t. One day, when his birthday, I asked him what present he wants. I gave it to him. In the basket ball team, I had some best friends who always beside me. Until I left the middle school I tried to be like other girls, to be more cute, thin, and beautiful, just for him. I was thin, but sick. I feel like a fool.


After that, I went in to one of best high school. And I considered that I have to forget him, because I am a high school student in one of the best high school. So, I had to focus with my future that may be better. My mother tried her best to cure me. She did anything to cure me.

Undergoing the high school life, being acquainted with the seniors made me forget the love in the middle school. But it was recured in high school, I fell in love with my senior. Oh my God, why was it repeat again? More rejected, been strongger the feeling. Another amazeballs boy and smart, but he have had a girlfriend. He was active in organizations, in marching band in high school.


I tried my best to be a member of merching band like him, and I did it. I could se him every day in the marching band pratices. I wanted to be active in organization too, but there was a nepotism if I want it. Finally, I gave up. I just could see him, even though his classroom faraway from mine. 16-08-08-05-15-18-629_photo

I went to canteen II, just because I wanted to see him. For one year and half, I have saved my feeling. And then, I gave up too. I tought, I am not match with him, he had someone who much better than me. What was I supposed to do? I just gave up, I turned my mind to achieve going to a college that I wanted so bad. I was sure that I could get more than him.

Real life isn’t perfect as in the movie, no happy ending for me.


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