“Suntiang” (Crown) in Minangkabau

figure 1. goldess and silveress “suntiang kambang”

“Suntiang” is most likely a crown of bride in her wedding in Traditional Wedding of Minangkabau. The big crown, that goldess or silveress color, makes wedding party in Minangkabau is different than other, beside the bride clothes is “baju kurung” and “sarung balapak”. Actually, there are many kind of this crowns or “suntiang”. Like fig 1, for instance, one of them named “suntiang kambang” from Padang Pariaman. The other “suntiang”, those are “suntiang pisang saparak” from Solok Salayo, that’s built without wires; “suntiang pinang bararak” from Koto nan Godang Payakumbuah; “suntiang Mangkuto” from Sungayang (Tanah Datar); “sutiang kipeh” from Kurai Limo Jorong (Bukittinggi); “suntiang Sariantan” from Padang Panjang (where i’m from, Tanah Datar), that has crown; “suntiang Matua Palambaian”, etc.


figure 2. some kind of “suntiang” and “tingkuluak”

Beside “suntiang”, there are different forms of bride crown, named “tikuluak”. Some kind of “tikuluak”, “tikuluak tanduak” and “tikuluak talakuang”, like fig 2. In this below, I will discuss about the facts of “suntiang”.

“Suntiang Gadang” (big size) has 7 levels or over 11 levels, while “Suntiang Ketek” (small size) has 3 – 5 levels. “Suntiang” is contained with some decorations, from the lowest level contains with some “sarunai” flowers form 3-5 layers; next level contains with some “big” flowers form 3-5 layers; and for the highest level contains with “kambang goyang” (such thing of flower) as the complement of “suntiang”. And something was hanging beside the bride’s cheek is named “kote-kote”. The weigth of “suntiang” is over 3.5kg – 5kg, and the bride has to wears it almost 2 hours or along day.

But now, “suntiang” has modified in order to make easy for the bride. It’s like a ban, so the bride can wears it easily. Because of the glamour, elegant, and unique crown (“suntiang”) make every women in Minangkabau feels like a “Universe Queen” along day, in the wedding day.

figure 3. front and back look



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